Kitchen Cabinet Promotion

Kitchen Promotion 2020-08


The Best Kitchen Promotion

The Kitchen Promotion

With this kitchen promotion package, you will get what you need for your kitchen as it comes with kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories.

Read further to see the detailed information about this package.

Materials & Sizes

Package Size:

  • Base unit: 8 feet
  • Wall unit: 8 feet
  • Tall unit: 2 feet
  • Fridge unit: 3 feet
  • Drawer: 3 nos with soft-closing drawer runner


  • Door style: Melamine ABS
  • All Carcass: MFC(white)
  • Worktop: HPL Top(FREE UPGRADE to QUARTZ Top or SENZ Appliances)
  • Door Handle: We have various types of modern handle designs for you to choose from with no additional charges(selected models). But, we believed that you will be happy with these selected models. Don’t you like them? You have the option to top-up for the one you like. There are more to choose to match your kitchen design.

Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Color

Do you like the combination of this kitchen cabinet? It’s Navi Blue(cabinet) + White Worktop. The blue is Navi Blue by Lendecor. We will have more colours to choose from to do the best matching for your kitchen from now onward. Besides the Lendecor, we have the catalogue from MaxWorld too. Both have different colours and designs.

Upgrade to be Different

Are you bored of the door style of melamine abs?

This package, default door style is melamine abs. Kindly read further if you’re looking to upgrade to a different type of door style/carcass. Then, top up the prices listed below.

Door style

  • Add Rm1,950 to upgrade to the 3G glass door
  • Add RM2,490 to upgrade to Acrylic/4G Glass Door/Gen2 3G Glass Door

*all prices differ between door styles only. And subject to package size only. *Regardless of what door style you choose, the end panels will remain melamine abs. The end panel in different materials required additional cost.

Carcass Materials

  • Top up RM800 to upgrade to aluminium carcass(regular: RM990/unit).

*Prices above are for a max-width of 900mm. The price will be different if the size is more expansive than 900mm. *Aluminium carcass sourced from Apresi


This package offers you FREE UPGRADING your HPL Top to Quartz Top(subject to package size only). There are four nice colours available.

  • Rm180/FT will be charged on 9th feet onward if your base unit is longer.

*Please consult us if you want your quartz to be a premium colour. The calculation will be different.
*Despite the package is offering FREE UPGRADING to Quartz Top. But this offer DOES NOT include the service of hole cutting for sink and stove.

*Rm160 for each hole to be charged separately. 

Excluded in this Kitchen Promotion

Well! Would you mind reading the text we have in the drawing? Some of the items not included in the package; some of them need to top up. And also, some are to be given as FREE for the first ten customers.

Kitchen Appliances

In this kitchen promotion, you will get a kitchen hood and hob. What is the brand of this set of appliances? We will tell you about it as you scrolling down the page.

The Handle

By default, all the handles are in an aluminium alloy colour. If you want to get this type of handle, top-up from RM5 per piece to make your kitchen outstanding.

Functional Kitchen Compartment

Many customers asked, “My kitchen is so small; where do I put the gas cylinder?” The method showing above is one of the ways to do so(but we don’t regularly recommend doing so). Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t do anything when it comes to a small kitchen.


Let’s talking about the dishrack in the drawing above. Please take note that the actual dishrack is not the same design as displayed in the picture. It’s just a drawing.

All These Are Yours

Well, well, well! Below are the items that you will get along with this package. Read further.

  1. Rubine designer hood(BoxlineX-90SS)
  2. Rubine gas cooker(RGH-Vista2B-BL)
  3. 1-bowl sink(SUS304)
  4. Water tap
  5. Premium Bottle Rack

FREE Upgrade

Other than the items mentioned above, you will also get FREE UPGRADE as mentioned following.

Kitchen Drawer

In this package, it comes with three nos of a regular runner(non soft-close). Now, we offer you to UPGRADE to a better drawer runner(heavy-duty(30kg) & soft-closing).

Kitchen Door Hinges

Free upgrade all the door hinges to soft-close door hinges so your kitchen will be quiet.

PVC Foam Board Sink Carcass

We also offer you to upgrade your sink carcass to PVC foam board sink carcass in this package. It is a waterproof material. Suitable to use at the sink unit.

kitchen cabinet with quartz top

FREE Upgrade to Quartz Stone Worktop

The best part of this kitchen promotion package goes here.

Are you bored of the HPL worktop? We offer you FREE Upgrading your HPL top to Quartz Top(subject to package size only) by taking this package.  With this FREE Upgrade, we have four colours available.

Upgrade to others

If you don’t want to get the FREE UPGRADE of Quartz Top, you can choose to upgrade your kitchen appliances to SENZ appliances from Rubine. It’s free!

With so many items included as mentioned above, you try to guess…how much this package cost? It’s RM7,699.

Extra Service

Besides cabinetry works, we have extended our services range from cabinetry to Plaster Ceiling. So if you’re also looking for a plaster ceiling, we can do it for you too. Would you mind asking us now?

Terms & Conditions

  • The kitchen promotion package(Rm7,699) is a straight kitchen cabinet design. It comes with the base unit, wall unit, tall unit, and fridge unit only.
  • The door style for the kitchen cabinet is melamine abs, and the worktop will be HPL Top(subject to selected colors). *FREE UPGRADING to QUARTZ Top is available in this promotion.
  • The cabinet is subject to standard height(700mm) and depth 350mm(for wall unit), 550mm(for base unit & fridge unit), height for the tall unit is 2200mm, and height for fridge unit is 400mm.
  • This package comes with 3 pieces of exposing panel(EP) for the tall unit only. Top up is required if there are extra Expose panels needed.
  • FREE UPGRADING of Quartz Top is subject to the size of the base unit in this package only(8ft). 9th feet onward will be charged RM180 per feet(promotion series only).
  • Despite we offer FREE UPGRADING of QUARTZ TOP, but hole opening for sink and hob is not included. RM160 per hole.
  • This package COMES WITH appliances and accessories, as mentioned “All These Are Yours” only. Refer to banner
  • Customers who interested in our promotion package, but don’t want this and that from our promotion package, this package is not suitable for them. This is a package. Everything must be sold together.
  • For “All These Are Yours”, we reserve the right to change similar items for replacement when goods are running out of stocks.
  • All the decoration items as shown in the drawing are not included unless mentioned.
  • No deduction is available if your kitchen is smaller.
  • If you have already built a concrete table for your kitchen, you can take this package too. But no deduction is available.
  • Top up at a regular rate if the package size is not enough for your kitchen.
  • No discount is available on the promotion campaign and top-up items.
  • Upfront payment for reservation of this package is non-refundable.
  • FREE SHIPPING and INSTALLATION for houses located within our coverage area only. Check with us if your place is covered. For locations located out of our coverage area, outstation charges is payable.
  • We will only prepare 3d drawings when we received payment for order confirmation.
  • A minimum of RM1500 or 50% of the total(whichever is higher) is required if customers want us to prepare 3d drawings before confirmation of the order.
  • 3D rendering for promotion banner is only for illustration purposes.
  • Plumbing and wiring work NOT INCLUDED.
  • Customers shall assign their own plumber/electrician to fix their works accordingly.
  • If customers insist on our service for plumbing, there will be a charge of RM250 for our labor. And, there is NO WARRANTY for pipe leakage issue.
  • This package is only valid for installation in August, September & October of 2020.

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