Kitchen Cabinet Promotion

Kitchen Cabinet Promotion 202007

Kitchen-cabinet-promotion 2020-07

[this promotion has ended]

Good news! We have launched a brand new kitchen cabinet promotion that saves you lots of money from your pocket. It’s a DESIGNER RATE.

About this promotion

This kitchen cabinet promotion comes with 4 different materials. They are melamine abs, 3g glass door, 4g glass door, and acrylic door. See the promo prices below.

Melamine ABS

  • Base unit: RM148/FT(regular: RM180/FT)
  • Wall unit: RM108/FT(regular: RM140/FT)
  • Tall unit: RM288/FT(regular: RM340/FT)
kitchen cabinet - melamine abs door

3G Glass Door

  • Base unit: RM218/FT(regular: RM250/FT)
  • Wall unit: RM168/FT(regular: RM200/FT)
  • Tall  unit: RM588/FT(regular: RM650/FT)
kitchen cabinet - 3g glass door

4G Glass Door

  • Base unit: RM238/FT(regular: RM280/FT)
  • Wall unit: RM188/FT(regular: RM230/FT)
  • Tall unit: RM608/FT(regular: RM680/FT)
kitchen cabinet - 4g glass door

Acrylic Door

  • Base unit: Rm248/FT(regular: RM300/FT)
  • Wall unit: RM198/FT(regular: RM240/FT)
  • Tall unit: RM628/FT(regular: RM700/FT)
kitchen cabinet - acrylic door

*prices above for base unit comes with HPL worktop.
*prices above do not include End Panel(EP), each exposing side will need to add 1 piece of the end panel.
*prices of wall unit do not include a bottom panel, mechanism for turning up doors, color carcass and lighting.

*prices above do not include drawers, accessories, and aluminium plinth.
*prices of tall unit do not include drawers & color carcass.
*prices above are subject to standard specification only(it’s not full height kitchen cabinet).
*if you want to build cabinet door and inner shelving for your ready concrete table, please follow the price of wall unit as stated above.

Upgrade to Quartz Top

  • Series 1(promotion): Rm140/PFR(regular: RM220/PFR)
  • Series 2: RM180/PFR(regular: RM250/PFR)
  • Series 3: RM220/PFR(regular: RM280/PFR)

*the prices for quartz top above comes with a standard size of quartz top(depth: 550mm) with the backsplash(height 50mm), and the front edge(height 50mm).
*additional charge will apply if the final size is bigger than said size as above.
*prices above do not include the charges of hole cutting service.
*hole cutting for sink and hob will charge separately.
*if you want to apply this quartz top on your concrete table, the prices above are not usable.

Extra FREE Gifts

  • Get FREE Kitchen Sink(single bowl)*
  • Get FREE Water Tap(1-pillar)*
kitchen sink and water tap

*terms & conditions apply
*read further to see how to get this Extra FREE gift

Terms & conditions

The statement stated below is very important. Please read them carefully.

The standard specification of the cabinet:

  • Wall unit carcass: depth 300mm, height 700mm(+50mm of pelmet if necessary).
  • Base unit carcass: depth 550mm, height 700mm+100mm(plinth)+25mm(hpl top).
  • Tall unit carcass: depth 550mm, height 2100mm+100mm(plinth).
  • Regardless of what color and door style you choose for your cabinet, the materials of all inner compartments are melamine faced chipboard(MFC) in white(1001) by default.
  • The sizes stated above are carcass only. Different type of door style has a different thickness.
  • Each door for the base unit, wall unit, and tall unit come with 2 soft-closing door hinges(up & down).
  • Each cabinet door comes with 1 no of the standard handle(selected models only).
  • Base unit & wall unit come with 1 inner shelf(1 layer only) for each carcass.
  • Tall unit comes with 3+1 inner shelves (up to 3 layers only) for each carcass.

The customers that eligible to this promotion campaign:

  • This promotion is only open to ready-unit customers. This means you must have the house key with you now, ready to the site visit, and ready to install your cabinet in the month of August & September 2020. And also means that, if you don’t have your house key yet, or your house is only ready after the month of August 2020, please consider to lock this promo by placing some fund. Read further to know more.

Limited Offer:

  • The promotion rate is subject to a maximum of the first 15th feet only. The 16th feet onward will be charged at the regular rates.

The validity of the promotion campaign

  • This promotion is valid till’ 15th of August 2020[this offer will not be extended].


  • In order to grab this FREE sink & tap, your purchase must be above RM6,000 and you must signup before the 1st of August 2020.
  • This FREE GIFT to be given away to 10 qualified customers only.
  • For the orders below RM6,000, can get this sink & tap at half price(RM250).

*Free gift is only for the customers that placed order in the month of July & August 2020 and install their kitchen cabinets in the month of August and September 2020.


  • No further discount during the promotional campaign

Works that we will do with additional charges

  • Hole for ducting
  • Plumbing works(install pipe under the sink)
  • Plumbing works(hacking required)
  • Wiring works(lighting works)
  • Wiring works(adding plug point, plug point relocation, plug point extension)
  • Installation of the hood, hob, oven, microwave, kitchen accessories,(if these are not sold by us)
  • Dismantling/relocating of the old cabinet.
  • During installation, if any of our installers hit the hidden pipes or hidden cable which causes an outage or leaking, customers have to bear this cost to repair it.
  • If said circumstances above happened, the customer will be charged 1 trip of transportation if we have to come for 2nd trip dues to these circumstances.

*plumbing works will be assigned to a professional plumber.
*during installation progress, it’s not our fault if any of our installers hit the hidden water pipe and hidden cable in the wall as we can’t see if there is anything in the wall as it’s concealed. Therefore, customers have to bear the risks at all times. The cost of repair will be born by the customer. We will not bear any unwanted costs for this issue.

Promotion Reservation

  • Your house is not ready so soon? When will that be? Is it in the year 2020? If yes,  you have the option to lock this promotion by placing some funds.
  • Reservation made in August will last till the end of December 2020.
  • The minimum fund to reserve this promotion is RM500. This reservation is non-cancellable, non-refundable but is transferable.
  • This booking fund will be forfeited if it’s not being used by the end of December 2020.

What without extra charge & what is gonna involve extra charges?

We don’t charge if:

  • Your house is located within our coverage areas.
    *Onsite visits will be provided for FREE only if your house is located within our coverage area.
  • Your order is above RM5,000(price on cabinet only).

What do we charge?

If your house is located out of our coverage,

  • Onsite visit: Rm80 – RM200 per visit(subject to area).
    *This onsite visit charge will need to pay on the day we come for the onsite visit.
  • Installation: Transportation fees are applied to the delivery of goods.
  • Installation: Outstation charges are applied to the delivery of goods & installation if your house is located too far away from Klang Valley.

If your order amount is low,

  • There will have an extra charge if your purchase is below RM5,000(for this campaign only).

Payment terms:

  • For the orders above RM5,000 – 50% upon confirmation of the order, 40% upon delivery of goods, 10% upon completion(the day we complete the installation)
  • For the orders above RM12,000 – get an extra discount of 2% if choose to make payment in full(100%) upon confirmation of the order(this option is not available on orders below RM12,000).
  • For the orders below RM5,000, full payment upon confirmation is compulsory.
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