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Wardrobe Design at Dolomite Templer Selayang

full height sliding door wardrobe

In the last article, we discussed the kitchen cabinet completed for a customer in Dolomite Templer, Selayang. Today, we will talk about wardrobe design for the same customer.

There are six bedrooms in this house. This house is quite spacious. Initially, the two rooms were relatively small before being extended. The rooms only allowed a single bed and a small wardrobe. The customer then decided to make it bigger after we had given consultation and suggestions on this.

We design your wardrobe practically for more storage.

Well! Let’s start with the first bedroom, the main bedroom on the highest floor(The 2nd floor). It’s a good exercise for us regardless if we are going there for work inspection or installation as we need to climb up high. Haha!

wardrobe is in progress

The very first installation at this house was this wardrobe design. The ceiling in this area is very high, and some portion is even more than 25ft. Therefore we follow the lowest part, which is 10ft in height.

It’s a full-height sliding-door wardrobe. It means the design of this sliding door wardrobe has one full sliding door that covers from top to bottom. Read further, and you will see the completed unit of this wardrobe.

Installation of invisible door

Secondly, this room divider was installed with an invisible door, the study table, and the hanging cabinet. There is a dressing table established next to this study table. But, the dressing table can only be installed after the room divider is completed.

The wardrobe materials

The materials used for this item are multi-layered plywood and laminate sheets by Vera. Besides these, many block wood sticks are required to build its structure to make the divider reliable & stable. It’s solid as a wall built up. We need to make it sound as its size is 14ft in total and 10ft in height.

When Room divider and invisible door completed

This is the photo of this divider closed up with the door.

room divider

Finally, the divider has been completed. In this photo, you may see it is dirty, like black stains on the laminate sheet. Yes! It is. Because we haven’t yet wiped it off as installation was still in progress, let’s see the view inside after all the items are completed for this room.

wardrobe in master bedroom dolomite templer

This anti-jump sliding door uses a door profile with powder-coated in black, and its surface is matt. The design of this sliding door is fully frosted glass. This wardrobe comes with a useful accessory that you can easily access to the shirts hanging high by pulling them down. See the photo below, and you will find the wardrobe accessory we highlighted.

The Wardrobe Accessory

Wardrobe Accessory - Hanger Rod

This wardrobe is tall. Therefore, it required this accessory in this wardrobe; otherwise, it is challenging for the user to reach it. This accessory is pullable(as shown in the photo). It costs RM250 per set, and it has a 1-year warranty provided by us. We have been designing different types of wardrobes. You may see all of the wardrobe designs in our gallery.

The Dressing Design

dressing or make up desk

You won’t believe that so many things can fit into this bedroom. It is just a part of the wardrobe area. The bedding area is out of this space. Can you imagine how big this room is?

I believe that this kind of dressing table is what all the girls have ever dreamt about. The drawer in this dressing table can store all the accessories, and even you can store many bottles of makeup products.

The Makeup Mirror

The make up mirror

The mirror comes without a wood frame as this customer does not like to see the wood frame on the mirror. With this design, the mirror looks even more significant.

The Working Desk

Refer to the picture above. There is a study table next to the dressing table. This study table comes with drawers to keep your papers, working documents, keys, and secret kinds of stuff. And there is also a tall hanging cabinet on top where you can keep your files and relevant documents. The materials for all these items are melamine abs.

Last Long and Durable

Many customers have been asking, is melamine durable? Last long? Won’t bend? The answer is yes! It is durable and lasts long. About the issue of bending, yes! It does. But it will turn if it’s too heavy. Therefore, we will add something to support it when we are making something that is too long.

Most importantly, we will make everything stable to ensure the quality of work and achieve the standard of results. We want all our customers to be happy.

The Gallery

If you want to view more photos of this project, please browse the project gallery to see it yourself.

That’s all for this article. We will talk about the wardrobe for the other room in this project—a lot more to go. I hope you enjoy it! If you are also looking for a carpenter to build your wardrobe, please do not hesitate to contact us at +6019-927 5072. We will arrange for our sales designer to meet you at your place to discuss your project. Please stay tuned for our next article.

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