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Kitchen Cabinet at Dolomite Templer Selayang

4g glass door kitchen cabinet

This kitchen cabinet project we have done previously and the location is at Dolomite Templer, Selayang.

This project is not only about the kitchen cabinet. It involved of kitchen cabinet for a big kitchen and a few sets of wardrobes for their big rooms as this 3-story and significant house. And, also, some other items included in this project too. We will explain and introduce it to you one by one.

Let’s start with the 1st item, the kitchen cabinet.

We designed this kitchen in a handle-less concept. According to the needs of our client, the door style that we use is 4g glass door, and the worktop is a quartz stone worktop. This client requested us to design their kitchen with more storage to store their kinds of stuff.

4g glass door v1

The Kitchen Accessories

The spice rack is a useful accessory in a kitchen. It can store all the sauces like cooking oil, ketchup, oyster sauce, etc. And, we suggested this client take more drawers as drawers can help better in organizing the items in your kitchen cabinet. We studied it from western countries. When you are reading the magazines about kitchen cabinet, most of their kitchens come with full of drawers.

This kitchen cabinet comes with soft-closing door hinges for all doors and runners for drawers. The drawer runner is the kind of heavy-duty soft-closing runner.

4g kitchen cabinet with bottle rack

The Glass Backsplash

When we are designing a kitchen cabinet, we are not just creating the look of the kitchen, but we care about the maintenance of the kitchen after cooking. We believed that you need to relax as you are tired after cook. A quality glass backsplash makes your kitchen very super easy to take care of. Because it is unlike some type of mosaic. We have heard the feedback from our customers regarding they regret to choose to use tile in their kitchen as maintenance work makes them very busy every time after cooking.

Bear in mind that choosing a glass backsplash supplier is an essential part. Most of the companies out there are using ordinary glass to do the backsplash. Because they can have a meager price in the market, the regular glass contains the material named mercury, and the content will release every time you cook, as heat is there. One more point we have to tell you that there are lots of cases about the glass backsplash broken itself because the glass always under heating, and color will change after a long period of cooking.

Quality Glass Backsplash

The glass that we use is a layered tempered glass, they have applied appropriate content to the material to make the materials more durable to heat, and to make the color more lasting.

Can you imagine that? When the glass breaks when you or your wife cooking, how scary that is? Hence, the price is not much different. Why pick the cheaper option? Spend a little bit more to get a better quality of glass just like you buying yourself insurance. Get more than what you have paid. Be a wise consumer.

Robam kitchen hood & hob

Kitchen Appliances by Robam

When we talk about cooking, what should you need to have? Of course, you need to have a kitchen hood and kitchen hob. For those massive cooking families, we will suggest they choose a machine that comes with higher suction power like SENZ, Robam, Rubine, and also Fotile. If you are looking for the brand of Senz, Rubine, and Fotile, we are the authorized dealer of these brands.


Kitchen Cabinet Sink

When choosing a sink, we just need to follow the usage of your family. To us, we prefer our kitchen sink is one bowl in big and another 1 in small. Whether you are washing vegetables or plates, you will find it useful. But, it is subject to your usage.

That’s all for this article. Next article, we will talk about the wardrobe we have done for this project. Please stay tuned.

For more photos regarding this project, please visit our kitchen cabinet gallery. We have uploaded all our completed photos there.

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