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Modern Kitchen Cabinet at Denai Sutera Bukit Jalil

Kitchen Cabinet - Denai Sutera Bukit Jalil

The kitchen cabinet was completed for one of our customers who bought a unit in a condominium named Denai Sutera Apartment (Google Map says it’s Denai Sutera Condominium, Jalan Alam Sutera Utama), located in Bukit Jalil. It’s actually a borderline of Bukit Jalil; next to it is Bandar Kinrara 9.

In this project, we have been involved in most of our specialized products and some other works we outsourced to.

Today, we are only talking about the design and features of this kitchen design. We will talk about the rest of the items in the next article, maybe.

The modern kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen Cabinet in melamine mix 4g glass door

This kitchen was designed with a mixture of door styles. It comes with the melamine abs and 4g glass door. We use the melamine abs on the wall unit because this owner wanted to have some glossy effect in their kitchen area but worry about the doors break easily as it’s a glass door(although it’s not easy to break). We designed the melamine door for the base unit as the homeowner wanted the kitchen design to feel Muji’s feel.

The Worktop

The worktop for the kitchen is quartz stone in fine texture series. We proposed a white quartz series to make a Muji kitchen design. Then, the quartz stone for the bar counter we go with quartz in black series makes them a separate zone for dining purposes.

kitchen cabinet at denai sutera 1

The kitchen has an 8ft bar counter.

Having a kitchen cabinet with a big bar counter has been an ideal and perfect kitchen design that every homeowner dreamed of.

Before we start designing this kitchen, this customer has briefly told us the concept they desired. They want the kitchen concept to be outstanding, like having a showroom as desired. Their kitchen cabinet design requirement gives an impressive(wow feeling) to their guests visiting their sweet home. This is then the kitchen design we proposed to the customer, and they happily accepted the proposal that we prepared(without any amendments).

We designed this kitchen in a U-shaped design because its original plan is quite small with a small L-shaped(original kitchen planned by its developer). When we were designing this kitchen, we have extended it another 1 more feet(from the window to the end of the wall unit on the right). Yes! This 1ft makes the kitchen looks totally different.

kitchen cabinet denai sutera bukit jalil

A Useful Cabinet Design

This kitchen isn’t only nicely designed, but it’s also a useful kitchen as each compartment is specially designed to make a kitchen user-friendly.

Kitchen cabinet drawers denai sutera bukit jalil

There are 12 drawer units in this kitchen. All the drawers are closing softly(no noise when cabinet doors are closing). As you can see, the drawer units are made in the colored unit(which costs extra).

The Hood & Hob

Senz Invisible Hood

Want the cooking hood to be invisible in your kitchen? This is a must-have cooking hood that has stronger suction power, electronic cooker hob that has a high heating power. Therefore, we proposed them one of the brands we’re carrying. That is SENZ. SENZ is definitely a reliable brand in Malaysia.

Senz cooking kitchen hood - electric cooking hob

The cooking hood(model number: SENZ SZ-CH1288RC-B Invisible MultiHood – Mystery Black)  used in this kitchen design is a SENZ premium product. It is an invisible multi cooker hood. It’s the perfect option for kitchen users who do not want the hood to be exposed.

As they advertised some time ago, this cooking hood was named a Datin’s Cooking Hood which specially designed for Datin’s. Haha!

The functions of the cooking hood

This hood designed with the latest hidden concept & technology from Europe as it has an elegant and stylish design with 6mm tempered glass, which makes it very easy to clean.

  • Suction power: 1200m3/h
  • Washable 6 layers of aluminum filter & oil cup
  • Modern and stylish touch control design for easy operation
  • Exhaust / Recirculation option
  • Twin Carbon Filters
  • 3 speeds power
  • LED lights
  • Hose dimension: 160mm

Please click the link for more details on this hood –>

SENZ electronic cooking hob

The electronic cooking hob used in this kitchen is also a premium product by SENZ. The model number is SENZ SZ-RC220 MultiCooker. This hob gives the user a good cooking experience as it is designed modernly and high heating power that makes dishes more delicious(just like cooking using a gas cooker).

There is 1 important highlight for this hob is that the model comes with a hidden button concept. You will need to activate the cooker by pressing the main button to see the buttons’ rest.

The functions of the electric hob

This cooking hob comes with the highest cooking up to Power 12, reaching up to 574°C within 10 minutes.

  • Cook
  • Stir-fry
  • Steam
  • Stew
  • Barbeque
  • Grill
  • Simmer
  • Roast

Please click the link for more details about this hob –>

The Oven

There is a benefit when you buy a built-in oven. For those kitchens with limited space, no tall unit can fit in there.  The best option to go with is to have this built-in oven slot into the base unit.

SENZ Built-in Oven-SZ-OV7011-11F

This oven comes with 11 functions.

Please click this link to learn more about this oven –>

Buying SENZ Cooking Hood

When you are considering buying any of SENZ’s products, kindly look for us or refer to any of the Authorized Dealers listed on their website. We are the authorized dealer of SENZ as listed on their website under location Klang/Shah Alam.

SENZ has announced that all the customers should buy their products from their authorized dealer otherwise the warranty will not be covered by SENZ as announced here.

The Accessories

The premium bottle rack

Premium Bottle Rack

As this customer wants their kitchen cabinet to be useful, we recommend taking this bottle rack to install there in the kitchen. This is a product from Spanish; it is durable and comes with a very soft-closing runner. The design of this bottle rack is modern and sleek. Unlike those basic bottle rack with wired-basket design). This bottle rack is selling at Rm900, which is affordable.

The under-mount sink & premium faucet

alcor kitchen sink and premium faucet

The homeowner told us that they prefer to take a 1-bowl sink but bigger size. The customer chose this sink to match their kitchen cabinet. It’s a high-quality stainless steel sink. Its grade is 304SS, 1.2mm thickness.

The premium faucet

The benefit of taking this faucet is as it comes with a flexible hose that makes washing easier as it’s draggable when washing.

The Glass Panel Backsplash

kitchen cabinet glass backsplash by glasskote

This is the glass panel backsplash for the kitchen cabinet. It’s the best option to take to make your kitchen easy to maintain and take care of. For the glass panel backsplash, we recommend taking GlassKote.

The main reason to take GlassKote

GlassKote comes with a 10-years limited warranty on their products. The top convincing point of the glass panel they are selling is, they will replace a new one for you if the color changes due to cooking(no other company can make this promise).

Bar counter: magazine rack

Kitchen cabinet Bar Counter Magazine Rack

Lastly, this is the portion we want to share before the article ends. It’s a magazine rack.

In most of the kitchen cabinets’ designs that having a bar counter, this is where they always lazy to think about. Instead of just covering it up using a blank infill, we suggest this customer build a rack for them to store magazines as they love to buy magazines for cooking recipes. Make this kitchen useful, fully utilized with useful cabinets.

Well! That’s all for sharing. We will talk about the rest of the items in the next article. If you find this kitchen cabinet design is a good tip to design your ideal kitchen, feel free to write us an email and send it to

Or, if you are interested to have us design and build the ideal and functional kitchen cabinet for you, please contact us at 019-4313351. Thank you and Happy New Year 2021!

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